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I direct and support education, intercultural, inter-disciplinary and digital learning experiences for non-profit organizations, museums, universities, after school programs, K-12 environments and manufacturing institutions serving diverse audiences and learners.

With 20+ years of expertise in the field of education and engagement, digital learning, and educational content development, I have engaged diverse audiences in multiple modes of interaction at world renowned cultural institutions and research centers. I hold a master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with further graduate and professional training from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As a visual learner and designer, constructivist, and visual artist, I support inter-connected STEAM learning practices through any and all forms of media and disciplines. I work with diverse audiences across all classes of society and have developed strong open system partnerships with community leaders, organizations, and funders.

In addition to my work in Iowa City, IA., I serve on the Latin-x Council for the University of Iowa and am on the Board of Directors for the Children's Museum of Iowa. I spend time to illustrate for Children's Books, tinker with electronics and creatively design with art and technology. I take time to mentor the next generation of life-long creative thinkers, designers, scientists and educators.

"The goal is to teach in such a way as to produce the most learning from the least teaching."

- Seymour Papert

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